Rx 580 vs Gtx 1060 ; The One You Should Buy.

If you have been following the AMD-NVIDIA mid range war than you must have heard the of RX 580 vs GTX 1060 comparison  floating around alot. While both of the GPU’s are quite clearly the best mid range Graphic cards of their respective brands but picking a winner is a bit tricky. If you are looking to buy one of the 2 GPU’s than you are at the right place. Today we compare the two graphic cards in depth and decide which is the better option and the one you should pick.

When comparing two graphic cards side by side things tend to get a bit complicated as there are so many specifications and aspects to consider . This makes it hard to  decide which GPU is better. That’s why in this post we will go through only the most relevant , impactful and significant specs and aspects this will make things simpler and faster. So before we begin here is a outline of everything that we feel should be considered when choosing a winner between the two;

  1. Benchmarks; Benchmark serves as a reference point to compare Graphic cards  based on their performance in games. This is the most reliable way of comparing graphic cards as, you get a idea of what the GPU is capable hence considering any other aspect becomes in a way pointless.
  2. Fill rate; There are 2 types of fill rates. The Pixel fill rate tells you how many pixels a GPU can render in a second. The texture fill rate tells you number of texels the GPU can map onto pixels in a second. If you are not so familiar with these terminologies just know that fill rate is a very important aspect as higher the fill rate translates into quicker rendering of graphics. So basically high Fill rate = high frame rate
  3. V RAM; More V ram can impact the GPU performance in a positive way by allowing for a faster access to more information hence quicker rendering
  4. Clock speed; A higher clock speed although is important as it indicates at what speed the cores are operating however it can be a bit misleading at times as even with a high clock speed you can experience poor performance if your GPU architecture is inferior in quality. So take these readings with a pinch of salt.
  5. API; Application Programming Interface is basically the interface that allows communication between the Application being run and GPU a good API like vulkan or Dx 12 allows for a superior performance. So if a graphic card supports a certain API this allows for a good performance in that particular game.
  6. Features

So now that we have gotten that out of the way we can start comparing both the cards.


Before we begin do note while the benchmark will give you a general  idea of the kind of performance you should expect to get however you may not get the expect  same sort of performance as we did. This can be because of factors such as part variance within the same GPU, different CPU’s or Motherboards , different test environment ( E.g temperature ), different drivers , and even different patch versions of the games.

 When put to test on 1080 p Ultra settings  as expected both Graphic cards put up with a similar performance for the latest games  keeping things very even-Steven with occasionally one outperforming the other. While the GTX 1060 outperformed in some games RX 580 had the last laugh but then again the difference was pretty marginal in most games.

msi after


The pixel fill rate of Rx 580 is about 43 Gigapixels per second where as the pixel fill rate of gtx 1060 is almost a roaring double of its nemesis  translating into about 82 Gigapixels per second. But don’t be fooled by this number as  while the GTX 1060 has a superior hand in terms of Pixel fill rate but the Rx 580 has a higher Texture fill rate of about 193 compared to the 136 of Gtx 1060. 


The Rx 580 comes in 2 variants that being 4 GB and 8 GB where as the Gtx 1060’s biggest variant is 6 GB so there is not much to discuss in this regard.

Clock speed

The RX 580 comes with a base clock of  1257 MHz where as the Gtx 1060 has a much higher  base clock of 1506 MHz. More over the Gtx 1060 also beats Rx 580 in terms of turbo clock capable of adding 200 more MHz totaling at 1708 MHz compared to 1340 MHz turbo clock of Rx 580.

Supported api's

The Rx 580 supports

  • Open CL v 2.0 
  • Open GL v 4.6 ,
  • Direct x 12
  • Mantle
  • Vulkan

The Gtx 1060 supports

  • Open CL v 2.0 
  • Open GL v 4.5 
  • Direct x 12
  • Vulkan


RX 580

Direct Compute 12
AMD PowerTune
AMD ZeroCore Power
ATI/AMD PowerPlay
HD3D Technology
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Support

GTX 1060

3D Vision   
3D Vision Surround   
HDCP 2.2



With its super low price tag AMD Radeon RX 580 makes NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 seem ridiculously over priced. With a price tag of around 180 $ the Rx 580 is ridiculously cheap and is one of it not the best value graphic cards in the market. On the other hand GTX 1060 a bit expansive still is a wonderful option.


Despite having a lower clock speed and pixel fill rate the winner of this battle is  RX 580 for its outstanding value for money ,  wide range of API support and a very good benchmark performance.

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