Razer Deathadder V2 Review; The Best Value Gaming Mice

So I just got the Razer Deathadder V2  and after a few weeks of gaming on this mouse, I must say I am impressed by how good the mouse is. Tag lined as the “best in class ergonomics” the DeathAdder v2 stays true to its promise and just a quick feel of the mice tells you that it’s very grippy and comfortable. The surface coating and the rubberized texture on the side has a very premium feel to it. And The finger grooves on the left and right buttons are very stylish. The design works very well with all types of grips but the mouse is mainly designed for palm grip and is for right-handers only. Overall I believe its the design of Deathadder V2  that makes it so special but that’s not the only thing that’s so good about the Deathadder v2.deathadder v2

 Having a closer look at the sensor, the Deathadder V2 comes with the Razer’s top-notch optical sensor the “focus plus optical sensor ”  and a quick round of your favorite fps is enough to understand how good the sensor actually is. In my numerous gaming sessions with this mouse, the focus plus optical sensor worked like a charm and did a great job registering even the slightest movements at a very low latency.

Getting into the technicalities of this sensor it has a IPS of 650, 20,000 dpi, and other features like smart tracking, asymmetric cutoff, and motion sync. Razer has also claimed that it offers a 99.66% resolution accuracy.

Another great feature of the Death adder v2 is that the left and right-click buttons use optical switches. These switches use infrared light rays to register clicks which makes the buttons alot more responsive, prevents any unintentional clicks and increases the life span of the buttons.

Next, I want to list notable features of the mice some of which are pretty standard but shouldn’t go unmentioned. starting off with its lightweight of just 82 grams which makes it one of the most lightweight gaming mice right now, 8 programmable buttons, mouse feet padded with PTFE which allows for smoother glide from the surface and onboard memory that can save up to 5 profile configurations which can be switched using the button on the back.

deathadder v2 onboard memory

deathadder v2 8 programable buttons

Another thing that I liked about the mice is the scroll wheel design which makes every turn on the notch feels very distinctive and offers just the right amount of resistance so that you don’t over scroll.

Moving on let’s talk about the durability of the mice. Starting off with the wire used in this mouse, razor’s speed flex cable feels pretty light, strong, and extremely flexible. Over the short span of gaming with this mouse the cable has barely ever gotten in the way of my gaming experience and not once have I felt the need to drag the wire. The mouse also has a mat finish on the body that offers sweat resistance and improves the grip of the body. the buttons feel quite durable and are claimed to have a life span of 70 million clicks.

My final thoughts on the  Deathadder V2 is that it’s a solid performance gaming mice with arguably the best design and a very good value for your money. So if you are looking for a long term solution to your gaming needs the Deathadder V2 is the right mouse to invest in.

if you liked this review please share it with others and also check out my other posts here. Also if you are interested in purchasing this gaming mouse then use the amazon affiliate link below which helps me make a few bucks when you purchase using my link (no extra charges apply for you), cheers, and happy gaming.

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