Overclock Rx 580 with this step by step guide

Todays post is a step by step comprehensive guide on how you can overclock your RX 580. Although we will be overclocking the Rx 580 specifically  but the steps covered in this guide generally apply to all the Graphic cards so even if you have any other graphic card you can follow these steps and should be able to overclock your GPU just fine.

Before We Begin

You can overclock RX 580 in 2 ways. The first is though the  integrated AMD software on your PC. Or you can use 3rd party softwares. In this guide we will not be using the integrated software and instead we will be using the  MSI afterburner and the MSI Kombustor to overclock RX 580. So before we begin go ahead and simply download the 2 softwares using the links below;



Once you are done simply extract the zip file and run the setup on both of the softwares. 

We will be using the MSI Afterburner  to increase the clock frequencies of our RX 580 and the MSI Kombustor will put stress load on the GPU.

Lets Get Started

OK now that we have installed the necessary software’s we can begin overclocking Rx 580.

So first things first open up the MSI after burner software. And now we can get familiarized with whats in front of us.MSI AFTERBURNER main screen

So to the left side is the current GPU clock and Memory Clock and to the right is the current voltage and temperature . As we start overclocking we will notice all of these values will change and we will overclock the GPU accordingly . So at the moment my GPU being unstressed is operating at its base clock speed.

To the centre are the sliders that we will be using to overclock the GPU. Now we will mainly be focusing on 2 sliders only and that are the Core clock and the Memory clock.



Now we need to configure some settings. Start by clicking on the settings icon on the center bottom of the tab.

Simply click on the icon and a configurations screen will pop up. Now under the General properties simply check start with windows and start minimized. After that simply click OK.

msi afterburner settings

 What this will do is simply launch the MSI afterburner for you every time you boot your PC so that you don’t have to manually start the MSI afterburner every time you log in to apply the overclocking .

Once we are done with the settings we can move on to the sliders. Start by maxing out the power limit , Temp limit slider. When overclocked the GPU will use more power and produce more heat hence limiting the values will prevent us from overclocking to the max of our GPU’s capabilities. You may also want to max out the Fan speed settings however that comes down to personal preference as with higher fan speed your GPU will make more noise as well, so if want you can leave it on auto and it should work just fine. Once you are done simply click on the check buttonmsi afterburner

Also click on the start up button on the bottom left of your tab. This will ensure that the msi afterburner applies these settings every time your PC boots.

Now boot up the MSI kombustor by  clicking on  K icon  on the top center of your screen. This should boot up the MSI kombustor but in case it doesn’t simply open it from the desktop.MSI kumbustor

Once its open just click on run stress test and you should have a similar screen in front of you.

Now return back to the MSI afterburner tab. Your GPU should now running at turbo clock. Now we can start overclocking the GPU.



Start by clicking on the core clock reading on the right of the slider. Now increase the value  by adding 10 MHz to the current value.

msi afterburnerOnce you have entered a new reading hit enter and click on the tick icon to apply the current setting.

Once you apply the settings  wait about a minute so see if everything is stable. If you notice any sort of color flickering /screen freeze or Kombuster crashes than stop. This means you can not overclock your GPU as its not capable of running at a higher clock speed.

 But If everything seems to be working fine than go ahead and increase the value further.( If you want you can make things quicker by adding bigger values eg +40)  . Now repeat this same step over and over until you start to notice any problems. Once you notice any sort of lag or flicker stop you have reached your max speed and your last stable clock speed is the max overclock speed for your GPU. Once this happens the After burner would reset the values back to the default ones, simply enter the stable clock speed and apply.

Now that you have overclocked your Base core clock its time to overclock the memory clock. Simply repeat the same steps but with the memory clock instead. Also note when overclocking memory clock you can add  higher values compared to the core clock.i  recommend  an addition of +100 to start with . Once you encounter a crash simply revert to the previous memory clock speed.

Once you have found both your Max stable Core clock and Memory clock than stress test your settings for about 10 – 20 minutes and if you notice and issues than lower your core clock value by about 10 and repeat this step until you manage to run the stress test without encountering any sort of crash or glitch.

And there you have it, that’s how to overclock Rx 580. 

If you liked the article consider sharing it with others and leave your feedback or if you encounter any issue leave a question in the comment section and  i would gladly help you out , cheers.

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