Buying a Graphic Card , Here Are The Only SPECS YOU NEED TO CONSIDER When Making A Choice

Choosing the right GPU is understandably tough asthere are so many attractive options out there , so how exectly do you choose the right GPU for your PC . Todays post focuses just around that as we look at the specs you need to keep an eye on when you buy a new Graphic card and understand why these specs are particularly important.

So here’s how not to waste your money on a bad graphics card; 

Fill rate

  Probably the most important specification is the fill rate. There are 2 types of fill rates. Number 1 The Pixel fill rate which  tells you how many pixels a GPU can render in a second. Number 2 The texture fill rate tells you number of texels the GPU can map onto pixels in a second. If you are not so familiar with these terminologies just know that higher the fill rate translates into quicker rendering of graphics. So basically high Fill rate = high frame rate.

V ram

VRAM directly impacts load time and graphic quality in games. With a graphics heavy game more VRAM is needed to render the image faster. If there is not enough vram to render the textures and images  you run into risk of overload your VRAM and this leads to the GPU having to use your systems RAM to meet its needs.


Clock speed

 clock speed  indicates at what speed the cores are operating so basically a higher clock speed equals faster  rendering .however this can be a bit misleading at times as even with a high clock speed you can experience poor performance if your GPU architecture is inferior in quality. So take these readings with a pinch of salt and most importantly check out user reviews before settling on a particular GPU.


 Application Programming Interface is basically the interface that allows communication between the Application being run and GPU. Most games like Fortnite make use of Powerfull API’s to make games run smoother and faster . A good API like vulkan or Dx 12 allows for a superior performance. So its important that the GPU you get supports the API’s that are used by the games you are looking to play with it.


 Benchmark although not a specification but still is a very important factor for choosing a good GPU. As it serves as a reference point to compare Graphic cards based on their performance in games. It is considered to be the most reliable way of  choosing a graphic card as you get a idea of the kind of performance you can expect from the graphic card . If a card performs straight up trash in games despite having pretty decent specification it could point to a bad driver optimization  within the GPU hence using Benchmarks you can totally  eliminate the chance of choosing the wrong GPU.

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