Best cpu for Rx 580

If you are looking to boost your gaming performance by pairing your Radeon  Rx 580 with a high performing CPU than you are in luck.In today’s post we look at the best options currently out there for both AMD and INTEL. So wasting no further time here’s the list for the BEST cpu for Rx 580 ;

Before we begin do note that the options that I list will be done keeping in mind that they don’t bottleneck the Graphic card but also are not (A) either too powerful for the GPU or (b) too expansive. Furthermore will be using PC bottleneck calculator by PC builds for reference and comparisons between CPU’s as it gives us a decent idea of how well the CPU would work with the GPU.


Now  If you are not too familiar with the CPU terminologies here   ere are a few things you need to  focus on when choosing a CPU for gaming purposes in order of their significance ;

  •  Base clock; base clock is the first thing to look at. This basically is the speed at which your processor runs when not put under stress. You can also look at this as the least speed at which your processor will run.
  • Turbo Clock ; Now turbo clock is also the clock speed of your CPU but when put under work. This is basically the highest  Clock speed your CPU can work on.
  • A Unlocked CPU; With a unlocked CPU you can control the clock speed meaning you can overclock it.
  • Number of Cores; Since the amount of work is divided between cores having more cores means that there is less work for a single core .Although this is a important factor but most games don’t use any more than 4 cores so If you want a CPU for the sole purpose of gaming don’t put too much of your money on this.
  • Number Of Threads ; Threads can be seen as the virtual cores of your PC . The work within cores is divided between threads and hence common sense says more threads means more work being done in less time.


Best Intel Option

I5 9600K

Core i5 9600k


 6 CORES / 6 threads / 3.7 ghz base clock  / 4.6 turboclock

 With 3.7 base clock and 4.6 turbo this is the best CPU for Rx 580 from the intel side. It comes with a unlocked multiplier and is capable of being overclocked up to 5.2 GHz.  6 cores are enough for even the most demanding games out there. with less than 1 % of bottleneck you can expect no bottleneck what so ever. You can expect to use this CPU for a long time as its very future proof. This CPU would also do well with multi tasking given it has 6 cores.

the I5 9600k uses the   LGA1151 socket.

here are a few mobo you can pair it with ;

  1. GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming X
  2. ASUS Prime Z390-P
  3. GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra

Cheaper Alternative

i5 9th gen

Core i5 9400f


 6 CORES / 6 threads / 2.9 ghz base clock  / 4.1 turboclock

A comparatively weaker but cheaper option is the i5 9400f that comes with a base clock of 2.9 however has a turbo of up to 4.1 under stress. This CPU is also one of the best CPU for Rx 580 there are . However this CPU is not overclockable so 4.1 is as high as you can go. I would personally recommend you I5 9400f only   if you are tighter on the budget as this option is not as future proof. 



Best AMD Option

ryzen 5 1600

Ryzen 5 1600


 6 CORES / 12 threads / 3.2 ghz base clock  / 3.6 turboclock

Having more threads than any other CPU in this list Ryzen 5 1600 is my number 1 pick for the best CPU for Rx 580. Although you will have to compromise on the  turbo clock speed with this CPU but that would not be much of an issue. This is the best CPU for multitasking out of the lot.

The 1600 uses the AM4 socket .

Cheaper Alternative

Ryzen 5 2400G


 4 CORES / 8 threads / 3.6 ghz base clock  / 3.9 turboclock

This CPU is for strictly gamign reasons given the lowest number of cores out of the lot. Despite the low core count it works exceptionally for gaming and has a pretty decent clockspeed. However do note   this the the worst option for multi tasking so dont expect to be runing chrome in the background while you game as this will cause stutter.

2400 G also uses the AM4 socket.

Hey since you are looking for a CPU I figured you may also want a cpu cooler. Well guess what I have a post on the best cpu coolers to buy right now. Check it out over here.

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